Useful catalogues:
- Henry Putney Beers, French and Spanish Records of Louisiana, Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge, 1989.
- Lawrence C. Wroth et Gertrude L. Annan, Acts of French Royal Administration Concerning Canada, Guiana, The West Indies and Louisiana, prior to 1791, New York Public Library, New York, 1930.

Web site: www.frenchcolonial.org
La French Colonial Historical Society
The French Colonial Historical Society is the largest international research group of its kind. It publishes a newsletter and organizes an annual conference; the conference papers are published in the review French Colonial History.
French Colonial History contains scholarly articles on all French colonizing activity in all eras and on the history of all French colonies. The articles are based upon papers presented at the annual conference of the French Colonial Historical Society. A refereed journal that publishes in English and French, French Colonial History appears once a year, published by Michigan State University Press:

Web site: http://catalog.loc.gov/
Library of Congress, Washington.
The Library's online catalogue contains documents, maps, plans and engravings having to do with Louisiana under France, Spain and the US.

Web site: www.publiclibraries.com
Index of American public libraries.

Web site: www.centenary.edu
Site of Centenary College of Louisiana (Shreveport) and the journal Le Tintamarre, which was created in 2003. Also included in the site is the Bibliothèque Tintamarre publishing house, a digital library that contains poems, short stories and novels from Louisiana.

Web site: www.newberry.org
Newberry Library, Chicago.
This library contains a number of documents related to Louisiana in the Ayer Collection, in particular an illustrated manuscript by Benjamin Dumont de Montigny (ca. 1740).

Web site: www.state.la.us
State of Louisiana web site
This site contains the National Register of Historic Places for Louisiana.

Web site: www.sec.state.la.us/archives/archives/archives-index.htm
The Louisiana State Archives at Baton Rouge contains only a few elements relating to the French colonial period. The Comité des Archives de la Louisiane publishes an online version of its journal, Le Raconteur.

Web site: www.notarialarchives.org
Les New Orleans Notarial Archives contains the very incomplete archives of the notaries from the colonial and American periods, as well as an exceptional collection of architectural drawings from 19th century New Orleans and surroundings.

Web site: www.archdiocese-no.org/archives
The Archives Of The Archdiocese Of New Orleans possesses the state's largest collection of religious records (baptisms, marriages, deaths), going back to the beginning of the French colonial period.

Web site: www.uno.edu
The Urban Affairs Department of the University of New Orleans has an exchange program with the Institut d'Urbanisme de Paris (Université de Paris XII).

Web site: http://specialcollections.tulane.edu
Tulane University in New Orleans has a large collection of architectural drawings and documents about the construction of New Orleans—the Louisiana Collection—as well as a large manuscript department.

Web site: www.lsu.edu
The primary focus of the Department of French and Francophone Studies at Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge is literary studies. Hill Memorial Library contains a sizeable number of 19th century French manuscripts.

Web site: www.louisiana.edu
La University of Louisiana at Lafayette has created a Center for French and Francophone Studies; it is the leading center for studies of Francophone Louisiana. Its professors are internationally renowned. The web site contains a great deal of information about cultural activities in Louisiana.
The University also publishes literary and scientific texts in French Creole and Cajun.

Web site: www.nsula.edu/creole
The University of Natchitoches houses the Louisiana Creole Heritage Center.

Web site: www.southalabama.edu
At the University of South Alabama in Mobile, The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures has a French section that conducts exchanges with the University of Pau in France. Since 1989, the Center for Archeological Studies has been excavating the first site of Mobile, and since 1996 it has explored the port of Dolphin Island. These campaigns have brought to light a number of foundations and a great many artifacts.

Web site: www.usm.edu
In 1999, the History Department at the University of Southern Mississippi at Hattiesburg devoted its annual conference to the 300th anniversary of the creation of Biloxi by Iberville.

Web site: www.noctrl.edu
The History Department of North Central College at Naperville (Illinois) contains the Center for French Colonial Studies, which organized a conference on Louisiana in 1999.

Web site: www.hnoc.org
The Historic New Orleans Collection is Louisiana's principal learned society. It contains a museum about the history of the city and its surroundings, a documentation center and a center for archives, maps and plans. The archives of Governor Vaudreuil and the Prefect Laussat may be found here. The Collection organizes exhibitions and publishes books, and its journal, The New Orleans Collection Quarterly, is available online. The journal is entirely devoted to the history of New Orleans and Louisiana.

Web site: http://lsm.crt.state.la.us
The Louisiana State Museum in New Orleans is the state's largest historical museum. The permanent collections are displayed in two symmetrical buildings, the Cabildo and the Presbytere, which flank the Cathedral. The museum organizes exhibitions and publishes catalogues. In an adjoining building, the Old U.S. Mint, there are archives from the French, Spanish and American periods as well as maps and plans. Most of the French archives also exist on microfilm.

Web site: http://nutrias.org
The New Orleans Public Library houses the Acts and Deliberations of the Spanish Cabildo, which governed Louisiana from 1769 to 1803. It also has a small collection of maps of New Orleans, including a very beautiful series of old and new photographs of the city and its surroundings.

Web site: http://homepages.gs.net/~mcooper
The Vieux Carré Commission was created in 1936 by an amendment to the Louisiana state constitution. Today its principal activity is the historic preservation of New Orleans' French Quarter.

Web site: www.cityofmobile.org
Mobile, the first capital of French Louisiana, is today located in the state of Alabama. The city has a number of interesting sites relating to the history of the colony. One can visit Fort Condé, a French fort, which has been partially reconstructed using the original plans. The city archives contain a number of original documents as well as a library. The city library possesses an extensive collection of books about the history of the city after the Louisiana Purchase.

Web site: www.thc.state.tx.us/lasalle/lasdefault.html
This site describes the 1996 discovery and subsequent archaeological excavation of the Belle, the ship of Cavelier de La Salle, which sank in Victoria Bay in Texas.