Sidonie de La Houssaye
A daughter of French Creoles Françoise Pain et Ursin Perret, Sidonie (1820-1894) received a French and English education in the Louisiana parish of Saint John the Baptist. At the age of 13, she married Alexandre Pelletier de La Houssaye, with whom she had eight sons and a daughter. After the death of her husband in the Civil War (1861-1865), she was obliged to teach to earn a living. She opened a school in Franklin, wrote for French-language reviews such as L'Abeille, and published novels under her own name as well as under the pen name of Louise Raymond. Her most famous works are Pouponne et Balthazar (1888), a novel set during the time of the Great Upheaval (the mass expulsion of the Acadians in 1755), and a series of novels, Les Quarteronnes de La Nouvelle Orléans.