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The Original Louisiana Purchase Documents
From: 11/15/02 To: 05/15/03
100 North Boulevard
Baton Rouge (Louisiana)
Louisiana Old State Capitol
Call : (225) 342-0500
The Original Louisiana Purchase Documents will be on display at the Louisiana Old State Capitol. The documents, to be loaned from the National Archives in Washington, D.C., will be integrated into a permanent exhibit on the Louisiana Purchase housed at the museum.

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Jefferson's America, Napoleon's France: An Exhibition Celebrating the Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial
From: 04/12/03 To: 08/31/03
New Orleans (Louisiana)
New Orleans Museum of Art
#1 Collins Diboll Circle--City Park
Call : (504) 488-2631
Objects featured range from an extensive group of treasures associated with the "Incomparable Josephine," Napoleon's Empress, to the austere drama of David's history paintings, and from Jefferson's furnishings from Monticello, to the documents ceding the Louisiana Territory to the United States. Paintings by famed American and French masters, rare Native American artifacts collected by the French, magnificent porcelain, furniture, and silver, as well as sculpture by Canova and Houdon will enrich this panoramic view of visual culture at the time of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

Web site: http://www.jeffersonnapoleon.com/
Plants of the Louisiana Purchase: The Gardens of Monticello and Malmaison
From: 04/12/03 To: 08/31/03
New Orleans (Louisiana)
New Orleans Botanical Garden in collaboration with the Historic New Orleans Collection
City Park, #1 Palm Drive
Call : (504) 483-9472
An exhibition in the new Conservatory of the Two Sisters in the New Orleans Botanical Garden featuring the Gardens of Monticello and Malmaison honoring President Thomas Jefferson and Emperor Napoleon and Empress Josephine.
Web site: www.NewOrleansCityPark.com/garden/
A Fusion of Nations, A Fusion of Cultures: Spain, France, the United States and the Louisiana Purchase
From: 01/07/03 To: 05/20/03
New Orleans (Louisiana)
The Historic New Orleans Collection
533 Royal Street
Call : (504) 598-7114
In January 2003, the Historic New Orleans Collection will begin its celebration of the Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial celebration with this exhibit which will bring together documents, paintings and other historic materials from archives in Spain, France, the Netherlands, and the United States.
Web site: www.hnoc.org
Louisiana Purchase Permanent Exhibit
From: 01/01/03 To: 12/31/03
New Orleans (Louisiana)
Louisiana State Museum - Cabildo
751 Chartres Street
Call : (504) 568-6968
One of the most important events in our nation's history, the purchase of the Louisiana Territory, doubled the size of the fledgling United States. The primary focus of the Cabildo's permanent exhibit is its examination of the transfer and its effects on the social and political climate in Louisiana.

Web site: lsm.crt.state.la.us
Napoleon's Eyewitness: Pierre Clément Laussat and the Louisiana Purchase
January 14-September 13, 2003
Exhibition tracing the activities of the Prefect Laussat during the Louisiana Purchase.
Historic New Orleans Collection
533 Royal Street
New Orleans
Tel: (504) 523 56 62
The Louisiana Purchase
From : May 2 - To : May 31, 2003.
Little Rock (Arkansas)
Old State House Museum
Call: (501) 324-9865
The exhibit will focus on the historical events of the Louisiana Purchase and highlight the significance of the land purchase to Arkansas. Visitors will gain a greater understanding of how the Purchase affected the territory that would become Arkansas and learn about what life was like in the region during the early nineteenth century.