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Joséphine, le grand amour de Napoléon
From: 10/10/03 To: 02/01/04
Baton Rouge (Louisiana)
Louisiana Arts and Science Museum
100 South River Road
Call : (225) 344-5272
This exhibit will present memoirs of the Empress Josephine to include jewelry costumes, dinnerware, objects d'art, rare paintings, furniture, and accessories that have been housed in Napoleon's summer home Malmaison, just outside of Paris.
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One Nation Under God: The Church, the State, and the Louisiana Purchase
From: 10/01/03 To: 01/31/04
New Orleans (Louisiana)
Louisiana State Museum's Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Exhibit
751, Chartres Street
Call : (504) 568-6968
When people think of the Louisiana Purchase, they generally think only of the vast territorial expansion of the young United States. Fewer are aware of the profound changes the Purchase brought to the practice and politics of religion in Louisiana. The separation of Church and State was a constitutional curiosity in the Louisiana Territory. In this exhibit we will explore the slow and chaotic separation of Church and State in Louisiana through the stories of key players in this drama.
Painting in France 1803-2003: Celebrating the Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial
From: 12/20/03 To: 04/01/04
Lafayette (Louisiana)
University Art Museum, Fletcher Hall, University of Louisiana
Call : (337) 482-5326
A celebration of two centuries of French artistic genuis, this exhibition will include paintings on loan from the Louvre Museum, Musee d'Orsay, centre Pompidou and Musee Carnavalet in Paris, as well as major American art museums throughout the United States.
Rodin: A Magnificent Obsession, Sculpture from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation
Lafayette (Louisiana)
From: 09/20/03 To: 01/04/04
University Art Museum University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Acadiana Center for the Arts From:
Call : (337) 482-5326
The 72 works in the exhibition represent the full range of Rodin's life work, including signal work from "The Gates of Hell 1880-1917," "The Burghers of Calais 1884-1895," "The Monument to Balzac 1891-1898" as well as fragments, portraits, prints and photographs.